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Wed, Jan. 25th, 2006, 04:30 pm

My notebook is sick so am having to update from the family computer. Apparently it all has to be wiped :( Stupid spyware.

So leave in 3 days exactly at this time i'm writing now. Werd. Am packing today but not really concentrating so will probably forget everything. What are you going to do. As long as I have a coat, knickers and my meds I should be foine.

Got the results of my sleep deprived EEG on Monday which were 'abnormal' but not conclusive - aka didn't really show any activities of seizures. All that time and I could have been sleeping!

Dinner tonight with the girls at Thai Riffic which should be noice, Blues Point Rd is a noice place.

Also, before I forget, I'm starting a new journal when I move to London so I won't be updating this one anymore :( I'll tell you what it is in a friends only post :) Then, if you want to be my friend, you can just pester me!
Should go and pack some more.

Sat, Jan. 21st, 2006, 03:21 pm


Packing is so stressful. I have soooooooo many things.

Plus, i'm going into winter which means taking bulky coats + lighter summer style things underneath for the office/anywhere that has heating! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Can you tell i'm frustrated?

All the girls (except Helen who had a job interview) went to Laura's Grandmother's funeral yesterday. I think she appreciated it. She wasn't too bad considering.

Anyway, this time next week i'll almost be flying away, so not much left really.
Between now and them i'm
* watching UK QAF with Lou
* going to the neuro
* getting a hair cut in st ives
* going to Roma's for tea
* going out to dinner with the girls
* going to see Brokeback mountain and watching Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
* getting hair coloured in Chatswood

Humph. Oh plus going shopping at some time, in DJs Elizabeth St to buy my MAC lip liner finally.

This Peter Luczak (sp?) is doing quite well isn't he. Tommy Haas looks so different to how he looked when he was about 20 - he used to look like a little teenage boy, and voom, he gets a haircut and suddenly he's all manly. Wotcha.

Sun, Jan. 15th, 2006, 03:09 pm
sorry for the exceptionally long post

I really am too slack sometimes. I'm update unwhore.

So went up to the Blue Moutains with Laura and Sheena for a couple of days at the beginning of the week. The first day was so foggy you could barely see 10m in front of you; the 2nd day it was about 35 degrees and sunny. Go figure.
We decided that we would go for a bushwalk on the second day, and considering that these girls are even more indoorsy etc than I am, I didn't really expect it to be a long walk. We decided to walk to the waterfall anyway, and the concierge wouldn't give us a map, he just said 'oh just follow the signs'.
Anyway, there were no gorram signs - 4 hours and 9 km later. We had walked down the moutain, up the moutain, then back down the mountain and back up the mountain and we never even go to see waterfalls. Boo.
We went out to a super posh dinner that night as a reward - Silks on the high street of Leura. Had a great meal - I had gnocchi with pumpkin, rocket, goats curd etc yum yum, then barrabundi encrusted with za'tar with ratatouile (that's spelt really wrong I think) and a whole heap of goats curd again. Then middle eastern orange and almond puddings with creme freshe, some posh fruit and sauce. Yum

EXCEPT was up all night throwing it up :( Not sure if it was the food or if it was just me - from the exertion of the walk etc and my body just rejected it. Haven't been doing too much exercise because the GP told me I shouldn't while my new meds are settling it. Sucks shit anyway.

Then on friday the girls and I all played Scene It - the Harry Potter version. We gave ourselves a 10 sec time limit seeing as we're all nerds and otherwise it would be too easy. Missed some stupid ones because of that too - aka, what was Slytherin's first name. Bah. Anyway, coming from behind, Lou and I took out the prize and were rewarded greatly with a cadbury creme egg. Noice.

Yesterday had lunch in Chatswood with the parents and family friends, Allan and Yukiko. I used to be BFF with their son Robbie when I was about 6. He like playing with my My Little Ponies and Barbies too, so it was a match made in heaven. Unsurprisingly he's gay ;) and is now a professional ballet dancer with the Singapore Ballet Company. Anyway his Dad just published his first novel last yeah - Alan Mills' 'The Raft' if you want to check it out - so have been catching up a few times etc.
Then went down to the Chase where some of mum's money accidentally (and again) jumped into the cash register of Alannah Hill. Still, it wasn't an expensive thing (for AH, where skirts and cardies can cost over 300 and 400 bucks!).

Aaaaaand that's about all.

I'm going to Canberra for a couple of days tomorrow to say g'bye to those folks before I head off in less than a week. Mahhhh.

Have so many things to do.

- take name off electoral roll
- take name off lease
- take name off bond and get money back
- take name off canberra phone bill
- cancel mobile contract?
- apply for jobs
- pack
- set up a UK bank account
- try and replace my blue jacket from quick brown fox
- order academic transcripts
- make some photocopies of my degree certificate things
- go to the neurologist and find out the rests of my sleep deprived eeg


Sat, Jan. 7th, 2006, 09:38 pm

I really should change my user icon. Too bad i'm lazy.

Went to see Rumour Has It last night. Don't waste your money and your time is all i'll say. Plus Jennifer Aniston has very shiny hair. Followed this up with dinner at Inferno where the food was good but the entire waiting staff sucked cock.
Firstly, they lost our booking - this didn't end up being a huge deal as they found us a table anyway (but I like to think of it as another point of crapness)
Secondly, they only brought us 1 pizza for the 5 of us. 1!!! I know we're girls and some of the others are v skinny, but seriously - 1 pizza! Apparently she hadn't heard that we ordered another. Yeah.
Thirdly, the guy didn't even know the dessert menu and everyone had to point to the dessert they wanted even if it was something like 'pavlova' or 'lemon merangue pie'. Also they didn't have 2 of them.
Fourthly they just plonked all the dessert cutlery at the end of the table and say there you go. Nice. Plus he didn't wipe the table down and it had lots of pizza crap all over it.
Then they overcharged us on the bill - and when we went to explain, it took about 5 minutes to get through to the guy why we weren't going to pay what they were charging.

Sorry for the rant, but man, that place really needs to fire and rehire it's entire staff.

Went to Birkenhead Point again today and picked up a couple of things - a nice aqua and charcoal striped cami from Alannah Hill and a cute cherry polka dots on off white short sleeve office shirt from cue. Most of the girls bought Oroton wallets (I bought one a couple of weeks ago :) :) ) and everyone but Kirsty walked away with goodness.

Going to the Blue Mountains on monday! Yay.

Escet that I wanted to buy some new swimmers but there isbn't anuthing around in my price range which was a bitch because I just want a one piece or a tankini meh meh meh.

Wed, Jan. 4th, 2006, 04:22 pm

Stolen from Lou Read more...Collapse )

Going to the gym tonight for balance which will be excellent. Haven't been to the gym in a week and a half I don't think so this will be nice. Haven't done balance in yonks!

Tue, Jan. 3rd, 2006, 06:37 pm

Soooo had my sleep deprived EEG this morning. It went quite well. Lasted about 45 minutes and I didn't experience any seizures which was noice. The best bit was when the techinician says 'ok now i'm not going to ask you to do anything for 30 minutes so just nod off to sleep'. Sweeet. The worst bit was hyperventilating myself for 5 minutes - you had to breathe as if you'd done an aerobics class for 5 minutes and it just makes you feel light headed and nauseus.
But it's over. Slept for about 5 hours today which was good.

Last night wasn't too bad really. I watched Veronica Mars and a bit of Grey's Anatomy before Mum and I went over to Mac to watch the Family Stone - which was really good by the way. By the time we got back, I caught some of Lost, then 2 episodes of Buffy were on tele! Yeeeah. They were good ones too - season 2, the best season ever! Then watched Herbie: Fully Loaded which we got for free. Almost turned it off after about 10 minutes but once you got used to it all it was actually just a normal bgrade Disney film. Tried to watch Napoleon Dynamite for the 2nd time, but once again the DVD wouldn't work Grrrrrr. So watched the Island. Then watched Crash this afternoon after getting up - you were totally right Lou: one of the best films ever. If you haven't seen it, you should go see it. Now. Bubye. Farewell. Enjoy.

Sat, Dec. 31st, 2005, 12:14 pm
Happpppppy Neeew Year

as above!

Off to the shack for tonight which is going to be disgusting because
a) it's going to be 41 degrees
b) in a tiny shack
c) no air conditioning/fan
d) and no alcohol to numb the heat.


But there will be board games so that might distract from things.

Last nights dinner was noice except I ate too much and felt so gross for the rest of the night - ewww. Had to take some mylantas at about 1.30 to help. I'm sure you all wanted to know about my digestion didn't you. I really should be taking my tummy meds and then it wouldn't be as bad. I should do that. I wonder where they are. I might take them to the shack with me actually.

Am v excited about going away to the Blue mountains. I think it will be so lovely; I luuuurve the fairmont :) And excited about going to the Alannah Hill factor outlet next weekend, despite the fact that I don't fit into much of her stuff atm. Just have to try it all and see I guess.

Am having my sleep deprived EEG on Tuesday morning which is going to be nasty. Not only do I have to stay up for 24 or 36 hours, whatever it is, but i'm not allowed the aid of caffeine, so no tea or coffee, chocolate. Plus no alcohol or energy drinks. Sooo mean. I am allowed to eat though, so might find sustaining sorts of food. Maybe eat something yummy and proteiny like... ummm chicken wings? cabanossi? chipolata sausages? Suggestions?

Also need suggestions for films to keep me awake!

Sat, Dec. 24th, 2005, 04:15 pm
... and a happy new year

Merry Christmas! Hoorah! Happy presents!

Thu, Dec. 22nd, 2005, 07:19 pm

I haven't had any brainstorms in the past couple of days which is good. We did up my meds so that's probably helped. Yay!
Am looking forward to christmas atm. Going out for dessert with the girls tonight, then there's a gathering at Kirsty's tomorrow night. I'm making homemade mince pies for tea tomorrow. Home made fruit mince plus home made pastry. The pastry is easy i've done that heaps of times before, and surprisingly, the mince is just as easy. I've got it marinating (? is there another word like that that's used for desserts? infusing?) in the fridge overnight so it absorbs the sherry and butter and yumminess. Then will put them together tomorrow. They'll look really homemade but I think they're going to be sooooo tasty.

Had a good day of Chrissie shopping yesterday though. Got my final pressie for Lou. I won't say what it is because then i'll ruin the presentness of it all so she'll find out in good time.
For the parents I got some random things.
For mum I got Donna Hay's 'The Instant Cook' which I think she'll love bc she always likes Donna's recipes in the paper and often buys her mag.
So to complement that I bought her a new spatula and whisk because hers are old and crap.
Then I bought her the newest Coldplay album because she loooooves Coldplay.
For dad I randomly bought trivial pursuit. But I think he'll dig it. We do the quiz in the Good Weekend every saturday so they're v into trivia and its a bit of fun. Plus a bunch of nice white socks because he got into trouble the other day when he went to play golf with shorts and he was wearing beige socks and oh no no you have to wear white! He had to buy some on the spot!
So I think that's a bit fun.

That's about all for now.

Thu, Dec. 22nd, 2005, 07:12 pm

I'm bored so this is a post to help bored people.

Here are some REALLY trashy websites which are updated on a daily/or more basis.




http://www.yeeeah.com I think that's the right amount of eeee's?


http://www.news.com.au often has a daily gossip roundup


Post a reply with your favourite timekilling websites...

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